We are passionate about Africa. We love the land, its vast open spaces, its wildlife, the people, and the cultures.

We take pride in sharing this passion with you. Our eternal quest is to share this African Experience - pure and uncut - with as many people as we can.

To describe the true sensual magic of Africa is impossible - it must be experienced first hand, through a deeply personal, often transformative journey. Allow us to engage and indulge the five senses, body & soul as you unravel Africa - and parts of you - with African Quest Safaris.

  • Touch

    Africa in a way no one has before - feel the rich hues, soft and warm as the fibrous feel of a Baobab tree...

  • Taste

    the spicy bite of homemade Chakalaka mash, and the sweet creamy taste of wild Marula liqueur.

  • See

    the spectacle of a sunrise over Mount Kilimanjaro and a sunset over a sea of pink flamingos...

  • Hear

    the sharp, rhythmic beat of the Bongo drums, and the deep bass whhooomf of a sleepy big cat not far from camp...

Begin your African Quest!

Experience Africa with us!

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    Classic Safaris

    Holidays custom-designed to put you in an immediate and direct dialogue with the natural world and the tapestry of wildlife in Africa. For those who crave a new experience.

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    Adventure Safaris

    The buzz and excitement of a big city, a liberal dose of adventure and natural beauty, and an exploration of Africa's rich & mystical past - customized to stir your senses!

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    Cultural Journeys

    Born out of our deep and intimate knowledge of this land, is the ability to help you experience Africa first-hand - its rich culture, colorful marketplaces, magical art and warm hearts.

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    Coastal Expeditions

    Bring to life the romance & poetry of East Africa's beautiful coastline! Each port and coastal hamlet tells its own story - and you will hear it from old sailors and fishermen - bringing alive a journey that reflects the exotic story of Africa.

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    Go off the beaten path, away from the traffic jams and packed elevators... your corporate day could feature a Savannah lunch, bush-bars, poolside brain-storming sessions and end-of-day sundowners. A great way to bond as a team and welcome break from monotony!

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    Educational Safaris

    Designed to cater to students aged 12 years and above, this is one experience that is guaranteed to give them memories that could well shape their future as compassionate and environmentally-conscious global citizens.